Tenant/Buyer Representation

Vaaler Commercial Real Estate represents the full spectrum of commercial tenants and buyers, seeking the best source of information, expertise and ingenuity on their side. Because we handle so many transactions each year, and because lease data is not public record like sales data, we have better information than other brokers or agents. This information will help you make the best, informed decision about buying or leasing commercial property.

If you have never bought or leased property before, we’re here to help. We can walk you through the myriad paragraphs of the sales contracts or leases. We don’t give legal advice, but we can explain the lease terms and offer suggestions on how to negotiate the best transaction terms for you. If you are buying property, we can show you points which should be in every sales contract to protect you.

We analyze investment property using financial models, and review sales comparable data to give you the best perspective on the potential performance of the asset. With our extensive database of in-house transactions, we can help an investor evaluate the market rents of any property type to see if there is truly the “upside potential” that all investors seek.
If you hire us to represent you, we are more protected and so are you. The relationship involves mutual trust, cooperation and loyalty. And, the landlord or seller will pay our fee! Where else can you hire someone to offer expert counseling, advice, market research, and negotiation skills for free?

Brokers and agents are not all the same. Make sure the one you choose to represent you is an expert in the field with many years of experience.